Will there be a problem if sons and fathers permanent adress is different?


Birth certificate is issued from the the municipal corporation/ municipality whereunder child is born. it has nothing to do with the permanent or temprory address of the child. if permanent address is wrongly mentioned on the birth certificate , it can/shall be rectified from the office wherefrom it was issued, to enable maintain the correct statistical data of the government.

Address on Birth Certificate is not an issue if you have proper address proof document for current address. Broadly you need to submit DoB proof (birth certificate, aadhaar, etc) and current address proof (voterid, aadhaar, etc). So, if you are submitting birth certificate for DoB not address proof it will be used only to verify Date of Birth, address on it is irrelevant.

First of all you shall have to apply for obtaining a copy of your birth certificate in the office of registrar of births and deaths of the place of the residence of your father and one application of the same nature in the said office where your mother’s parents reside.

since the said entry of your birth not being registered at any of the said places, you will receive a certificate of non availability of your birth certificate to the effect that the entry of your birth has not been found in both of the above concerned offices.

After that move an application before the Registrar of Births and deaths of the area where you were born requesting for making a late entry of your birth informing that your birth has not been registered in either of the offices of your paternal or maternal addresses. Attach the above certificates with the said application.

Prepare an affidavit in support of the above application and after getting the same attested from a notary attach the same with the above application. Submit the said file at the above office of the place where you were born.

They will give you a date for receiving the answer to your application. During this time period the said office will obtain necessary information as regards your birth and confirm the correct ness of your application by getting reports from a Municipal Commissioner of your area and other necessary information in this respect.

When satisfied about the correct ness of your application , the Said authority shall issue a direction to the concerned Authority directing the concerned office of Births and Deaths to make a late entry in its record to the effect that you were born at ……. Place on …… along with your parents name and address etc. and on the given date they shall supply you with a birth certificate.

The procedure should be the same through out India. Only difference may be the office where you have to get the non availability certificates and which concerned office you shall have to submit your application .

As the time which shall be taken for issuing to you one or more certificates of birth will be the same , I am of the view that you should apply for issuing to you more than one certificate of birth , ie. may be five or so certificates as they may be required at many places in your future.

You are advised to contact the office of the Municipal Council or the office of the registrar of births and deaths of your birth place for better guidance as procedure and concerned offices may vary from state to state under its rules.

If born before 26.1.1989 then it is not necessary to furnish a certificate of birth. An affidavit drafted as per the annexures provided in the passport folio can sort out the matter and a passport can be issued in the absence of the birth certificate.

Reference: Registration of Birth and Deaths Act 1969 section 15



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