Will father’s name being different in my 10th marksheet and other documents affect my document verification?


A student can correct the name if any of the following errors are there in class 10 or 12 marksheet.
1. Spelling errors in students name/surname.
2. Spelling errors in students fatherÕs name/surname.
3. Spelling errors in students motherÕs name/surname.

To correct your father’s name in the 10th standard marksheet, you will first have to contact the School Principal and inform him/ her about the same.
Then the school principal will ask you to fill the application form and pay the required fee for correcting your father’s name.
After that, the school principal will send your application request to the main board and you will get a new certificate within 2-3 weeks.

Thus, if you want to correct your father’s name in the class 10th Marksheet, you must have to contact to the Board from where she has completed her class 10th examination.
Contact the Board office and then communicate with the concerned person there.
Then you have to write an application that you want to correct your father’s name in the mark sheet and submit it in the office. You may be asked to attach your father’s any ID proof for verification.
Thus, the changes will be made accordingly and you will be given the new certificate as soon as it is done.

Reference: Code of Civil Procedure, 1908



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