Will Drink And Drive Case Will Affect Getting Government Job?


No. It will have no bearing on your government job. Driving while inebriated is not a crime. It’s a rule infringement that can result in a fine or, in the worst-case scenario, incarceration.

Yes, they most certainly do. If you have a pending criminal complaint, it may have an impact on your job unless it is withdrawn or dismissed.

Convictions for drunk driving will be used to deny visas and employment, particularly in government posts… Cases of other traffic violations are also being considered for inclusion in background checks for government employment.

Due to urbanisation and rising income, there are more drunk driving incidents in India currently than ever before. The Motor Vehicle Act makes drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI) a criminal offence in India.

For the purposes of this section, a “petty offence” is any offence punishable only by a fine of not more than one thousand rupees, but does not include any offence punishable in this manner under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1931, or any other law that allows the accused person to be convicted in his absence on a guilty plea.

Being convicted of drunk driving might have a negative impact on your job. Withholding any information on known convictions might be considered a crime.

The trial should end without a verdict.

If convicted, the sentence of jail or fine should be completed or have already been served.

Before issuing a formal letter of appointment, the government checks both of the above through local intelligence units while doing a PVR (Police Verification Report) on the candidate.

Reference: Motor Vehicle Act. – – AHG242 – 202100581 – 129 – 99 – 202100120-20210043-1358


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