Will BMC give me a permanent permission for shed on my terrace?


“You have to first test if there may be any harm to the shape with the aid of using placing an everlasting shed for your terrace.

Also as handling committee has requested you to approach to the BMC then have you have to test with the BMC concerning the technique for the identical. If you do not comply and the shed is inflicting harm, the society will ship you a prison note and you’ll ought to catch up on the damages.

Before going similarly you should take a no objection certificates from the society for additional/ alternate in shape if any.

Shed that you have constructed at the roof pinnacle of your terrace flat, if no utilization of vacant area is performed in area among terrace of your roof and the shed, together with for living, and storing you then definately do not ought to worry.

However, such shed on everlasting foundation is allowed, problem to BMC authorised architect’s report. You will have to pay once amount charged by them..

BMC will assist you to placed everlasting shed, with the aid of using taking an challenge from you, that area so created among your roof slab and the shed will now no longer be used for living or storing of any goods.

Even when you have placed the shed in the front of your flat and now no longer on pinnacle of the flat, then additionally, identical procedure, as said above needs to be performed, from a BMC authorised architect.

For this paintings additionally you want a BMC authorised architect.”

Reference: No laws applied – – AHG262 – 202100553 – 139 – 137 – 20210011220210021829


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