Will a pending case aganist a person affect his police clearance certificate?


According to your information in this subject, you have said that a case is pending against you, and the legislation of our nation prohibits anybody from leaving the country while a case is ongoing against them. So, in order to obtain a PCC, you must first clear all accusations and obtain a court judgement. A Police Clearance Certificate could only be provided after that.

If your trial is ongoing, you can make an application in court for permission with specific grounds and a grant of a police clearance certificate. If the court approves your application, it will be forwarded to the police station for issuance of a clearing certificate.

For Indian citizens resident in India, the Indian government has modified the PCC application procedure to a self-help model, where applicants may apply for a PCC online through the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) website.The steps for applying for a PCC through PSK are as follows:
Create an account on the PSK website.
Fill out the online application form, pay the fee, and schedule a drop-off appointment at the PSK nearest you.
PSK requires the following documents: Your papers must be presented in person.
Verification by law enforcement: It is necessary to maintain a professional appearance.
To get the PCC from PSK, follow these steps: It may be picked up in person. There is also the option of having the PCC sent
Through registered/speed post, directly from the PSK to the applicant’s address.
The time it takes to receive a response varies, but it typically takes 15 to 20 working days after the application is filed.

Reference: Laws Applicable: Indian Penal Code – – AHG217 – 202100581 – 119 – 89 – 202100292-20210042-3045


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