Will a FIR filed against a UPSC aspirant have an impact on that person’s career in that field? Could you please provide some light on the situation?


According to Indian law, a FIR is not the same as a conviction, hence a FIR has no legal basis in terms of eligibility.

It does not make a defendant a criminal. FIR does not imply that you have been ‘accused’ of a crime or that the police possess reasonable suspicion that you have committed one; it merely indicates somebody has ‘accused’ you of a crime or that the police have reasonable suspicion that you have done one.
Employers, whether government or private, are not authorised to see information of a person’s FIR; instead, they may only see details of court convictions.
Only – has access to the FIR’s details.

1. the Accuser and his attorney, 2. the Accused and his attorney, 3. the Police and the Prosecutor

4. the Administration of the District

5. The Judiciary/Courts.

In short, a FIR will not prevent you from getting a job in the IAS, IPS, Armed Forces, any government post, or the private sector.

If a criminal case is filed against you, either through the filing of a FIR or the taking of cognizance by a criminal court, it will have an impact on you.

If not, it won’t matter and won’t influence your chances of being an IAS/IFS/IPS candidate.

Reference:  – 202100463-20210043-10318 – AHG37 – 202100581 – 20 – 15 – LAW80


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