Who is the claimant and who is the executant mentioned in the lease deed?


The executant of the lease deed is the party who is executing the lease deed, which is the lessor of the property who is putting the property up for lease.

Similarly, the lessee, who will be claiming the property under lease, is referred to as the “claimant” of the deed.
To put it another way,
The lessee is the individual who obtains the rights to use and enjoy the property on lease from the lessor; the lessor is the absolute owner of the property that is the subject of the lease;
The time or period for which the rights to use and enjoy the property are granted is known as the “duration.” The lease might be for a specific period of time, either expressly or implicitly, or it could be indefinite.

The fee for providing the rights to use and enjoy the property might be in the form of a one-time price paid or pledged, known as a premium, or based on payment of money or any other object of value, known as rent, on a periodic basis at defined occasions or intervals.
As a result, when the lessor executes a lease deed, what is transferred to the lessee is only his right to enjoy the property, subject to the terms agreed upon, and not the entire or any part of the absolute ownership rights; this type of transfer is referred to as a “demise” in conveyancing parlance.

Reference: Rent Control Act of relevant state – – AHG302 – 202100581 – 161 – 187- 2021005420210041224


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