Who is responsible for the laptop provided by employer which is stolen from my house?


The first thing that you need to do is ask the employee to retrace their steps and see if the laptop turns up in an unexpected, but safe place.
This should be the first step you take in most cases, even if the employee is pretty sure that theyÕve looked everywhere.

Of course, itÕs true that laptops are sometimes permanently lost or intentionally stolen, but itÕs also surprisingly common for a person to put their device down in an unusual place, then panic when they canÕt find it in its usual place.

If your employee has been on public transit or in a public place with the laptop, itÕs also worth having them check with any lost and found departments where the laptop may have been turned in.

ItÕs always possible that some kind person has turned the lost laptop in.
If your employee can find the lost laptop by retracing their steps, it can save everyone some hassle.
They may be able to recover the device or link the theft to other thefts in the area.

If the laptop is a company laptop, it may be insured by the company, which means that it could be replaced or your company could be reimbursed by the insurance company.
You may also need a police report if the laptop was stolen under section 378 of indan penal code .

Reference: section 378 of indan penal code .



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