Which Department issues Succession Certificate in Mumbai and what is the procedure for the same?


You ought to follow for succession certificates withinside the Civil Court alongside the information and details of family members and their property details and the death certificates and many others are required to be submitted , it’s going to take four to five Months.

Hon’ble Bombay High Court will further issue the Succession Certificate. You will ought to apply via legal professional or yourself, and pay mandatory court costs of Rs 75000/- if your private home fee is above 12Lakhs and it might take alteast 6-7 operating months.

Petition: A duly signed and confirmed application has to be made to the civil court or high court of competent and relevant jurisdiction.

Details: Details like petitioner’s name, the heirs of deceased, relationship of the petitioner with deceased, rights of petitioner, houses of family and family members of deceased and information of demise together with the death certificates money owed and securities for which the succession certificates needs to be acquired ought to noted withinside the petition.

Fee: According to Schedule II of The Court Fees Act, 1870, certain amount of money is levied as fee for the court for this process. Stamp Duty may also vary in different states.

Process: The court further issues a newspaper notice for forty five days. Any individual having hassle with it is able to file objections. If the court doesn’t acquire any objection, it officially issues succession certificates.

Documents required for acquiring Succession Certificate:
(I) Death certificates
(ii) Pan Card of all of the legal heirs
(iii) Ration card of all of the legal heirs
(iv) Prescribed application form through affixing a court fee stamp

Reference: According to Schedule II of The Court Fees Act, 1870, certain amount is levied as court fee for this process. Stamp Duty may vary from state to state.

Process: The court issues a newspaper notice for 45 days. Any person having problem with it can file objections. If the court doesn’t receive any objection, it issues succession certificate. – – AHG90 – 202100580 – 46 – 41 – 202100222-20210024-6324


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