Whether female victim has a right to refuse to go to the Police Station?

An FIR has been filed on a molestation case through private complaint. The Female victim stays in another State. Police insists that she has to come to the Police Station for recording a statement. Only then they will arrest the accused. Is ther any way that she can avoid coming to this particular police station? This Station has already harrased her.


According to the guidelines issued by the Delhi Police, a woman has the priviledge of lodging a complaint via E-mail or registered post. If, for some reason, a woman can’t go to the Police Station, she can send a written complaint through an email or registered post addressed to a Senior Police Officer of the level of Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner of Police. The officer then directs the SHO of the Police Station, of the area where the incident occurred, to conduct proper verification of the Complainant and lodge an FIR. The Police can then come over to the residence of the Victim to take her statement. Also, in 2006 Supreme Court in case of Prakash Singh& ors. gave a landmark judgement directing all state government and Union government to set up Police Complaint Authority in all the States so that it is accessible to all. Either the victim or any person related to the victim can file the complaint by writing it down and sending it via post or fax with your details and proper mention of the incident and the police officer you wish to file complaint against. You can also file a complaint on the local police website.

Reference: Prakash Singh& ors section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973



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