Whether a NOC transferring a property can be withdrawn?


Since the NOC is not executed as of now you may revoke any NOC by drafting a Revocation letter duly communicated to the person you have provided NOC and thereby circulating to them who are affected by such NOC. For drafting a good Revocation you need to consult Advocate with all your documents so that your NOC is properly revoked.

When a daughter signs a non-objection certificate (NOC), she states that she has no objection in transferring her share of the property to someone else in the family. This certificate is one of the most important certificates that is required to transfer the property in the case where no will is executed by the deceased of the family.

An individual who receives a legacy under the will, or who obtains a property after the death of a person automatically without even the execution of a will is called the legatee or legal heir. However, if the legal heir chooses to give up rights in the share of the property, he or she will have to present a written letter in favor of other heirs (NOC), stating they are giving up their claim in the said property and in such a case, the children of this said person will also not be able to stake claim over the property in future.

Reference: Transfer of Property Act, 1882



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