Whether a commercial driving license is needed or a normal driving license is enough for beinga cab driver in OLA?


No separate endorsement needed to drive light motor vehicles.Cab drivers, including those of aggregators Uber, Ola, car-pooling service BlaBlaCar, and yellow-black taxis, will no longer require a special endorsement.

Before a special endorsement was needed It’s called as Commercial Driving License . Anyone can apply for commercial driving license if they hold a private license more than a year old . It allows us to drive a commercial vehicle on the road , to be specific ( Yellow Plated Cars ) .

If you want to join your car to Uber / Ola , you need to have the following documents :

Commercial Car
Commercial license for the whosoever drives the car . ( Originals )
Another identity of the Driver
A Police Verification Certificate of the driver .
A residential proof of the Car owner
Original Car documents . ( RC / Permit / Insurance / Fitness )
Bank Passbok of the Owner .
Cancelled cheque of the beneficiary account number.

Since all these Taxi services are registered under Commercial vehicle category, the driving license required to drive these is a commercial license with yellow board badge number.
The Driver must have passed class 8.
It generally takes 1 years to get the Original badge number with the license. You at first will get a Learning license valid for 1 year and after that you might get the original DL depending on certain criteria.

Reference: Laws Applicable; Motor Vehicle Act



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