Where should we file the complain against petrol pumps for fraud and cheating?


Rights And Benefits You Are Entitled To Get At The Petrol Pumps are:

You have all the right to check the quality of petrol and diesel at the petrol pump. You are entitled to know if you are getting the right quality of fuel for the money you are paying. If you are not allowed to check the quality at the petrol pumps, you are free to lodge a complaint in their register or you can post the complaint at http://pgportal.gov.in/.

According to rules, each petrol pump must have a 5-liter measuring jug to check the quantity of petrol or diesel. This jug has to be certified by the Weights and Measures Department and will be checked each year, by an investigation center. A difference of 25ml is acceptable. If you find a higher difference, you can file a complaint against the petrol pump.

All the petrol pump compaines have their own toll free number, you can also put up a complain regarding the petrol pump and ask them to take steps otherwise you will go to police. Most petrol pumps will look into the matter because they dont want to be listed in a fraud or cheat category in that area.

Reference: Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board Act 2006



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