When can I shoot in Self-Defense? How to get Gun License in India? What is the procedure to legally own a gun for self defense? How You Can Get A Gun License In India ? How Can you carry self defense weapons in India?


In India, one has to make a self-justified application to the collector of the district. He will ask umpteen questions about the reasons why you need it. The important thing is to give correct answers and keep cool. If he is convinced, he will forward the application to SP . The spi office will ask many questions and will call you many times to his office to see whether you get angry easily. In all your answers given by you, always keep cool. If he is convinced, he may grant the permission.

If it is for use in an agricultural field to drive away animals, then permission is given for a double barrel gun. If for personal security, then for a pistol or a revolver. Once given, you have to register the weapon with the police station first. Every year you have to show the weapon & the number of used and unused cartridges to the police station. A log book has to be maintained by you. As a defensive pistol instructor, an NRA Training Counselor, and a personal protection instructor, I get this question all the time from my students.

The answer is not as clear-cut as many would think and greatly differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. So I will try to answer this as best I can. That may keep you out of trouble and out of jail. Most states, even the most anti-gun states out there, allow you to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones when it is justified. The question is not whether you have the authority to defend your life or the authority to shoot. The real question is whether the local DA or attorney is going to think your actions were justified by using the reasonable person test.

Reference: The answer is not as clear cut as many would think and greatly differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. – 202100499-20210043-1687



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