What will be considered the permanent address for a married woman among the adresses of her parental house, her matrimonial house and her current residence?


Permanent address is the legal address of an individual where she/he is a registered resident with his/her name. Permanent address appears in government documents like voter id card, ration card, driving license, and passport. Many people, who stay away from home, use their parentsÕ house as their permanent address. Therefore, permanent address is also defined as an address where the applicant receives official documents and correspondence.

Present address is a Present location. It can be the address where an individual is residing with a friend or a relative, or where she/he has rented an accommodation or is a paying guest, or can also be a post office box where she/he has rented a postal box where any correspondence to him/her is delivered.

Permanent address is the address of an individual which shows oneÕs permanent place of residence and it is the one with which is shown in the personal identity address of the said individual.

The present address is the present address of an individual which could be a temporary address of the said person at the time when one provides the present address of himself. This is incase one does not reside at his permanent place of residence. This could be on account of one being in service and residing temporarily at the said address. Present address and permanent address would be the same in case on is residing at his permanent place of residence and to which his personal documents are linked.

Therefore, after marriage, the wife or both spouses may change permanant address on legal documents if the living circumstances require so.

Reference: The case of Arvind Kumar v State Of U.P. And Others may shed light on the same.



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