What to do when Wife filed false 498A case later compromised how to close the case? How Can a wife withdraw from 498A? How do I close my 498A case from Lok Adalat? What happens if wife filed false dowry case? How Can a wife withdraw from 498A? What happens if my wife wants to come back after 498A?


The complaint lodged u/s498A of IPC is non compoundable i.e. can not be withdrawn by the complainant.Ask your wife to execute an affidavit affirming that she had lodged the said 498A complaint under the influence of domestic rage and submit copy of the said affidavit to the police station.Both the parties have to file a joint petition In the Court seeking to refer the criminal case to Lok Adalat .

Then the matter may be kept for 3 months and again the parties will be called and the case may be closed.If the police reject to file your complaint you can write a complaint letter and send the same to the SP/commissioner as the case may be and get a Òreceiving copyÓ of the complaint. She threatens me every now and then including her mother and father with severe consequences .

If the police refuse to give you a receiving copy, you can send the complaint to the police station by registered post.irst of all talk to your wife clearly that she was happy with you or not, take her in your confidence and suggest her that withdrawal of pending case is better for future of both. If she was not ready to withdraw than also persue in all these case with the help of advocate. It is necessary that you also take care of your defence in the court.

Reference: 498a IPC – 202100499-20210041-2370



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