What to do when there is a leakage in ceiling and the owner of the upper floor is not responding?


“You will ought to document an software to the co-operative housing society fashioned on your apartment. If they fail to offer an answer then you could document a civil fit withinside the jurisdictional civil courtroom docket towards the stated society.

If the resident of a leasehold flat unearths that water is seeping thru their ceiling from the flat above theirs, it’s miles their duty to take all affordable steps at their disposal to forestall the leak and save you the harm increasing.

1. document grievance with muncipal employer towards society refusal to do so on leakages from neighbour flat.

2. you could additionally document grievance towards society earlier than purchaser discussion board are trying to find orders to direct society to direct neighbour to plug the leakages.

File grievance in civil courtroom docket: If the problem continues to be now no longer resolved, you could document a grievance towards the proprietor of the flat above in a civil courtroom docket. Your attorney will first ship a criminal be aware to the flat proprietor, asking them to restore the leakage inside a special time frame.

If your neighbor’s moves are growing troubles for you and they’re unwilling to alternate their behavior, you could document a police grievance towards them for public nuisance (Section 268 Indian Penal Code) or maybe harassment (Section 441 Indian Penal Code).Use this method as a remaining hotel whilst all different efforts have did not yield results.”

Reference: Section 268 Indian Penal Code, Section 441 Indian Penal Code – – AHG194 – 202100553 – 103 – 131 – 2021001682021004214809


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