What to do when employer do not respond to resignation letter?


It is advised here to first approach to the manager, where you must refer your intention to be relived from the employment by attaching a resignation letter as a reference along with the date and the notice period to be bought. Usually one is entitled to a months salary but might vary from the firs or organisation policy.

The employer has no grounds to refuse if the person had provided the notice period which had been mentioned during the appointment or in the employment contract. IF one has stable relationships maintained, a conclusive decision can be brought up regarding the last date of employment.

An employer dosen’t have the power to simply rehect the resignation letter provided by the employee without any reasonable grounds. The reason of such being is because one has the right to resign if they so wish and it cannot be at the discretion to either accept or refuse. Also, it is not a compulsion to expressly mention or reply to the resignation letter if accepted.

Article 285 of the labor code enumerates two kinds of resignation where one being being voluntary resignation i.e.dismissal by the employee without or with just cause and mentions it even if there isand also mentions that if there is a just cause then the employee need not wait for the 30 day period so specified.

But initially mail the employer regarding the resignation.

Reference:  – – AHG22 – 202100585 – 12 – 3 – 2021001682021004114229


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