What to do when company is not giving experience letter even when I have given notice of resignation?


You ought to issue a attorney’s notice to the corporation to acquire the relieving letter and the experience letter, failing which you can sue the employer to gain both of the files depending on the court order.

A Company can’t refuse giving experience certificates/relieving letter while an worker resigns properly. The appointment letter to procure while joining, salary pay slips, PF contribution slips will all show your beyond experience and you could highlight that for your future employer.

You ought to issue a legal notice to the corporation to issue the experience letter, failing which you could sue the employer to acquire each the files on a court order with the assist of a attorney to draft the legal notice.

If you finished your notice and not get your experience letter from the corporation in-spite of soliciting for them you’re allowed to sue the employer if in any respect you’ve got got the offer/appointment letter with you and a evidence of the notice period served .

So maximum of the employers supply experience certificates as early as possible. If a few corporation isn’t budging to even for the legal notice then you could pass to the labor department, you could additionally record a civil criticism under the section of labor laws. You also can record a civil lawsuit in courts.

Reference:  – – AHG12 – 202100580 – 6 – 31 – 2021001682021004113445


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