What to do of the neighbours who are blocking the common passage by locking its entrance for other people?


If you don’t have any other way to home , you can file suit for geting easement rights overs the path but it depends upon various factors like if you dont have any other way to home . and if that path is private path of person than it depends upon them to give it or not. Also if you were using that path before or not.

The Indian Easements Act, provides for the whole concept of right of easements and its regulation in India. Easement as defined under Section 4 of the Act is a right enjoyed by the owner of the dominant heritage over the heritage of servient owner for the beneficial enjoyment of his own land.

If you have a dispute with a neighbor over the right to use an easement, or the proper use of an easement, you need an attorney who understands the law, and who also understands the emotional and financial burden that boundary disputes can put on property owners. 

If you wish to take a neighbour to court over the blockage of a right of way or to defend a claim to a right of way over your land, you must obtain the advice and help of a solicitor who will be able to support and guide you throughout the process.

Reference: The Indian Easements Act



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