What to do if there is refusal by college to return the documents?


The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which regulate the technical education in the country, have clearly laid down rules for fee refund and original documents.

In case the colleges refuse to return the original certificates, students can write to the UGC or the AICTE detailing the problem Kerala High Court, while hearing a case against private self-financing colleges, observed that colleges cannot withhold certificates of students, for payment of amount, saying such practice is illegal and opposed to public policy. You can get an order from the appropriate court with a mandate to the college to return your certificates. first send legal notice through lawyer to college management and ask return of documents. If college will not return your documents then you can file case in court for recovery of documents.

In alternative move to consumer forum against college for unfair trade practice and seek return of your certificate Sending a legal issue legal notice to college to return your certificate . A suit under order IV of Code of Civil Procedure 1908 can be filed for the recovery of property of the student from the college if the college declines to return the documents.

Reference: Order IV of Code of civil procedure 1908



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