What to do if shopkeeper don’t give me bill?


It is the duty of the shopkeeper to provide the invoice or the bill for the goods so supplied to the customers which is an inherent right and a legal notice can be issued against the said shopkeeper asking him to perform his part. According to the provisions of the Consumer protection act a suit could be initiated if there are valid evidences that there has been a non performance or deficiency of service on part of the service/ goods provider. Thus an action could be initiated if the consumer is not provided bill post purchase.

Intitally the person has the right or freedom of expression to confront the shopkeeper for the release of bill for the goods so purchased by the inquirer. As a consumer though the law states sellers beware yet we consumers to must be aware of our basic rights.

No shopowner has the rights to deny the grant of bill even though not specifically asked by the consumer, it shall be provided. The bill must mention the name and adress of the shop along with the GSTIN and other details along with the product sold to the customers and the value of the same with stamp of payment. Only such bill stated above shall be taken and not the ones mentioned on random sheets of paper which shopkeepers at times provide to evade from the liability to both the consumer and the tax.

The consumer has the rights to initiate the complaint in the district, state or national consumer forum based on the value of the goods purchased or the amount of grievance committed. One has to follow the court grounds.

To lodge a complaint, one has to file an application online or otherwise by visiting the official website https://consumerhelpline.gov.in/ . One can also approach through calling the toll free number and state the issues that were present to the concerned officer. Once a complaint is registered, registration number would be provided for the future reference.

An email will be provided regarding the above and the issue described. One has the acknowledge the same and move ahead with the same.

Reference: -Demand for invoice is our Right. No shopowner can refuse to give bill.
-Invoice should be proper. Must have clear mention of shop detail and goods as well.
-Always demand for pakka bill, as major time they handover kachha bill to us. – – AHG80 – 202100585 – 40 – 11 – 202100222-20210033-2240


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