What to do if Landlord is not ready for redevelopment of house?


“Maharashtra Rent Control act particularly shield the rights of tenants. if your landlord now no longer taken initiative for creation of constructing then you definitely are required to report a suit in civil court beneathneath the stated act.

the kingdom authorities has introduced a brand new redevelopment coverage for tenant-occupied dilapidated homes withinside the suburbs and non-cessed tenant-occupied homes withinside the island city.

The current coverage is simplest for vintage cessed homes withinside the island city, wherein personal builders get extra creation advantages for redeveloping such residences and rehousing tenants in a brand new constructing. Cessed residences are the ones which tenants pass a cess to the housing authority, Mhada. This cess is used for repairing such homes. But non-cessed homes, which consist of co-operative housing societies, were, so far, now no longer protected beneathneath this coverage.

The kingdom city improvement branch final week issued a notification for a brand new coverage for reconstruction or redevelopment of such risky and dilapidated homes.

“Landlords or co-operative housing societies of current tenants will must start redevelopment inside a yr from date of demolition and whole it inside 5 years,” the notification stated. Landlords or housing societies will have to offer alternative accommodation to tenants at some point of redevelopment.

tenants of the dilapidated homes have energy to redevelop or restore their tenaments, if the landlord, builder or the civic frame has behind schedule it for greater than a year. segment 499 (2) of BMC act allow tenants choose redevelopment. The tenants were given restore rights for vintage homes beneathneath segment 499 (1).”

Reference: tenants of the dilapidated buildings have power to redevelop or repair their tenaments, if the landlord, builder or the civic body has delayed it for more than a year. section 499 (2) of BMC act let tenants opt for redevelopment. The tenants have been given repair rights for old buildings under section 499 (1). – – AHG272 – 202100553 – 144 – 142 – 202100222-20210041-559


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