What to do if i get salary after abscond from company? Can company take legal action for absconding? How Can company pay employee salary even after getting absconded?


Indeed unquestionably you will be in a tough situation. Barclays paid you compensation wrongly and since you have been fleeing from your obligations you have lost all freedoms to get pay. You are encouraged to return the compensation wrongly got for the entire time span you have not worked. Further you are encouraged to send conciliatory sentiment letter and satisfy every one of the agreements of the letter of arrangement. Bombing which you can be accused of offenses under IPC and work regulations. You can’t be an Ex Employee of an organization yet get a compensation from the equivalent. Renunciation/Termination proviso by and large has a set norm of illuminating recorded as a hard copy a month earlier before acquiescence.

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As a business, you will in any case need to pay absconder’s compensation till the time he has worked in the organization. In the event that the slipping away representative owes levy to the business, for example, forthcoming credits and advances, prepaid contribution, loaner gadgets and so on, the business can profess to recuperate these through the court. The advantages are simply accessible to you assuming you have been adding to the UIF while you worked. You can’t guarantee assuming that you have surrendered, been suspended or fled from work. You should apply for the UIF benefits when you become jobless or in the span of a half year of the end of your business.

Reference: the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 – 202100499-20210041-10220



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