What the procedure for registering a law firm in the state of Delhi?


It is not necessary to register a law firm with the State Bar Council or Bar Council of India. However, the essential requirement for incorporation of Law Firm is that all the partners must be registered with State bar Council as practicing advocate. Else you cannot name it as law firm.

Even Advocates Act and BCI has many restriction in this. Better way, have one more Registered Advocate who will remain in your favour and can act as sleeping partner and go for Legally incroporation to avoind descilpinary Action by State bar Council. BCI always have some barrier for such Firms. Better you go for LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) where you can control things as per your wish.

Then get it registered with State Bar and avail many benefits such as Legal Support of BCI and State Bar, Global Legal market, TAX benefits, protection from harrashment or threat from the existing Law Firms and so on. as such there is no requirement for registering law firms in Delhi. You may do trademark registration of your firm in order protect your law firm name.

These will be used to file for incorporation with the MCA. The Certificate of Incorporation will be approved at the end of this process. Thereafter, it is a need to get the LLP name approved by the Ministry of Corporate. Every LLP needs a registered Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Account Number (TAN).

Reference: Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Registration with State Bar.



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