What should I do if Previous owner not giving NOC to transfer electricity bill on my name?


The first thing you should do is send the seller a notice stating the electricity clause via an advocate. Give him a week’s time to give you the NOC. If after a week he still maintains his irrational demand then you need to file a petition.

Send a legal notice to the previous owner, failing which you can file a case in District Consumer Forum. You can also file a Writ Petition in High Court against the WBCEDCL and party added to the previous owner.

Without doing a further delay, kindly apply afresh for new electricity connection before WBSEDCL. They will charge Rs. 5/-, then Rs. 200/- and then again Rs. 200/- thereafter they are bound to give you new electricity connection in your name within one month from the date of application as per Indian Electricity Act irrespective of any objection by the previous owner. You only show the deed of yours and the mutation certificate to prove your possession in the flat. Even after that if the connection is not provided, move a writ petition before our Calcutta High Court and the High Court has already got plenty of instances and judgements in such situation directing to provide electricity connection even with police protection if required. Simultaneously you apply for disconnection of your existing connection in the flat. Regards.

Reference: Society board receives a request from a flat owner for issue of a No Objection Certificate (NOC), with regard to the transfer of the electricity connection allotted in the name of the previous flat owner of a flat in that society, the society has to issue the NOC unless any discrepancies found in the matter.

The copy of this NOC becomes a requirement while applying to the Electricity board/company for change in name in the electricity connection in favor of the new owner of the flat.

It is the duty of the society to provide such NOC whenever needed by new flat owners, but of course after due verification of all the documents and proofs provided by either the previous owner or new owner or both.



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