What should I do if my college is not giving me graduation certificate even after 7 yeyars of completing my degree?


As it is a part of highly concern duties of our life.

So you have to know each and every step very clear for issuing your degree certificates. Mainly two cases are there . In first case u have been graduated from the same college from where its affiliation is having (autonomous) and secondly ur college is having the affiliation from any other college.

I am mentioning the steps For the pupil who belongs to second case :

Step 1: To get the degree certificates first u have to apply for that . Every university has it’s own format for application form. You can get this form on ur college website. After filling up this form staple or attach certain documents with it . Required documents will be listed in the form itself .

Step 2: After filling up the application form and attaching all the required documents with it , u have to visit ur college from where u have been graduated . The concerned authority incharge will sign and make stamp over it (means will forward it ).After forwarding ur application from ur college u have to visit ur university from where ur college is affiliated. The concerned authority in the university will take the application form and proceed furthur.

STEP 3: After submitting those form they will ask u to issue challan for it from the bank located in that university itself . So Kindly visit ur university between (Monday to Friday ) for to be in safer side . After submitting and issuing challan for it they will send u the degree certificate within 15-20 days .

Note: if u have to issue ur degree certificate urgently then attach call letter or any notice ,e-mail or SMS regarding urgency . They can issue it within 1 or 2 days also .

For the people belonging to 1st case they will also have to follow the same procedure but here the difference is they will do all the steps in their university itself.

Reference: In order to reduce and solve these problems for students and universities alike, University Grant Commission drafted regulations in 2008 under the exercise of the power conferred by clause (f) and (g) of Sub-Section (1) of Section 26 of the UGC Act, 1956.

The Regulations are titled ÒUGC Regulation, 2008 for Grant of degrees and other awards by Universities



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