What legal action can be taken when sister-in-law is mentally harassing?


Mental Harassment or Emotional Abuse is any kind of non-physical attitude or behaviour that intimidates, controls, sub judicates, punishes, demeans, or isolates another person by way of humiliation, fear or degradation.

The following are some of the common examples of mental harassment: a constant abuse from a person again and again, cheating by spouse or mental torture for dowry, or any kind of abstinence from something that a person loves to do.If a person does an obscene act in public, recites or utters obscene words to annoy and torture a person in public, is punishable under the law. Fortunately, the Indian Penal Code has established strict and stringent laws against any kind of harassment. There are various sections under which a case can be registered for such harassments and abuses.

Seek shelter from law and it will protect you against any form of cruelty or torture you are experiencing in your life.The offender would be booked under section 294 of the Indian Penal Code and would be liable for an imprisonment up to three years or with a fine or both. You can file a case against your sister-in-laws regarding mental harrasment under Indian Penal Code and can get her punishment in court of law.

Reference: Indian Penal Code, 1806, Section 294



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