What is the validity of a sathe khat for purchasing an agricultural land in Maharashtra?


Purchasing an agriculture land through a sathe kath is completely valid. The amount should be paid within a year because a sathe kath is valid only for a year. If after a year the stipulated amount is not paid then the sathe kath automatically gets cancelled. Although a sathe khat can be renewed if need be.

The term Sale Deed denotes a written document that acts as a Legal Proof of Transfer and will include every detail concerning the Transfer of Ownership. Further, it is enforced by the provisions of the Registration Act of India and is made on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper of a Value specified by the government.

The parties to a sale deed are Seller or Transferor, and Buyer or Transferee. Moreover, both parties must get the deed registered within 4 months of execution and sign it to accept to comply with the terms and conditions.

The steps involved in the process to draft and Register a Sale Deed Format are as follows:

1. Discuss Requirements- In the first step, the applicant needs to hire an experienced lawyer to discuss the requirements of a Sale Deed.

2. Drafting of Sale Deed- Now, based on the discussion, the lawyer will draft the sale deed in 3 to 4 Business Working Days. After drafting, the lawyer will send the draft to the applicant for Review and Approval.

3. Printing of Sale Deed- After the approval of the sale deed, in the next step, the lawyer will get the deed printed on a non-judicial stamp paper of the value specified by the government.

4. Fix Appointment with the Sub-Registrar- Now, fix an appointment with the Sub-registrar, within whose jurisdiction the property is located.

5. Registration of Sale Deed- Under this step, the applicant, together with his/her lawyer and 2 witnesses, will visit the office of the Sub-registrar to sign the document and pay the fees specified.

6. Issuance of Registered Sale Deed- In the last step, the Sub-Registrar will Issue a Registered Sale Deed to the applicant.

Reference: Transfer of Property Act, 1882



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