What is the validity of a registered GPA?


“A General Power of Attorney to gain legal validity should be registered with the sub-registrar’s office. The GPA isn’t legitimate for an indefinite length. It is legitimate for the life of the principal or the only one who’s awarding the General power of Attorney. It also can be revoked during the lifetime of the owner.

When it comes selling and purchasing of assets, General Power of Attorney isn’t a legitimate tool to transfer the titles of the property. A sale deed should be done for moving property titles, following which the individual who buys has to pay registration charges and stamp duty .

There isn’t any validity unless exclusively mentionedin General Power of Attorney.
Valid until the dying of the Principal or Revocation. General Power of Attorney stands valid so long as the motive cited for giving the authority is fulfilled supplied it is a registered. If no time is designated regardless of the term it’ll be legitimate.

GPA is a registered instrument made giving rights to someone to sell, loan or donate that belongings and the selection taken via way of means of him is suitable to the owner. If the General strength of Attorney file is registered there’ll now no longer be any trouble for the seller in addition to the buyer in that transaction.”

Reference: Transfer of Property Act – – AHG197 – 202100580 – 106 – 157- 2021001202021004215646


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