What is the process of rectification in the Power of Attorney?


A Power of Attorney is an authorization granted by a written formal instrument whereby an individual named as the principal/donor authorizes another individual named as the attorney/agent/donee to act on his/her benefit.

An unanticipated circumstance where the legitimate proprietor cannot use his capacity is the point at which a Power of Attorney deed is executed.

The parties to the agreement must concur to modify the original agreement by addition, deletion or rectification of any terms referred to in the already executed deed.

The parties need to reduce the correction into a duly executed document.

Further, they need to pay the requisite stamp duty in order to get it registered with the specified authority.

A rectification deed should be executed after mutual consent of all the parties to the main deed.

All parties to the original deed should jointly execute the rectification deed as well.

In case the original deed is registered, one should get the rectification deed also registered.

Pay the requisite stamp duty and registration charges as per the laws in force in the State.

For general mistakes like spelling mistakes, the stamp duty and registration charges are Rs 100 each.

In case the rectification deed relates to the area, the names of the parties or the extent of the property, the stamp duty and registration charges as applicable to the conveyance deed are payable.

Reference: Section-53 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882



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