What is the procedure to Surrender of PF registration Code?


There is no option to cancel PF and ESIC registration Online. You need to visit the nearest PF office where you obtained registration. PF and the ESIC registration can be cancelled but only it can be surrendered for its permanent closure. Apart from that, you also need to keep ready all your PF and ESIC data as for sure the concerned Inspectors will do inspection before closing it and after getting satisfaction that there is no outstanding or discrepancies the concerned branch officer will order for its closure.

List of documents required for closure of PF account
In case of company the following documents may be an evidence for closure of your PF code No

01. Affidavit from all the directors for any future liability

02. Return of I.T. dept. till the date of closure;(for last 2 years)

03. Return of Sales Tax Department;

04. Telephone connection surrender;

05. Closing of Bank Account;

06. In case of company , intimation to Registrar of Companies;

07. Surrender of Trading Licence ,if any

08. Dissolution of rental deed, lease deed

09. Any other relevant documents for the same, if any

The employee needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1- Register the organization with EPFO

Visit the website and register the organization with EPFO. In the home page of the Unified portal, there is an option called ÒESTABLISHMENT REGISTRATIONÓ.

Step 2: Read the User Manual

Click on the ÒESTABLISHMENT REGISTRATIONÓ and you will be taken to the next page where you will get an ÒINSTRUCTION MANUALÓ. A new user must download and read the instruction manual completely before the registration.

Step 3: Register DSC

The employers who are already registered can login with their credentials i.e. with the Universal Account Number [UAN] and password. This instruction manual will explain the process of Employer Registration which is to be followed by registration of DSC [Digital Signature Certificate] of the Employer. Getting DSC registered is a prerequisite to submitting a fresh application for ERF registration.

Step 4: Fill the EmployerÕs Details

Tick on Ò I have read the instruction manualÓ completely. Click on ÒREGISTER BUTTONÓ given below. This will take you to the new page where all the employerÕs details need to be filled in. The fields marked with the red star (asterisk) are mandatory to be filled in.

Step 5: Fill the details correctly

First Name: The first name, middle name and last name should be entered exactly as furnished to the Income Tax Department. Any variance in the name of the Income Tax Department will lead to rejection as and when data is verified online.

Employer PAN: After entering the employerÕs PAN, a message will appear that shows the employer is not registered previously. PAN will also be verified like name and an online application will be permitted.

User Name: One can select the username of its choice. The system will automatically show whether the same username is available or not.

Hint Question/ Answer: One can select the hint question and hint answer of its choice which will be helpful to the person in case one forgets the password. After filling up this, the registration process gets complete and you need to fill the CAPTCHA Code (Characters are shown in the image) then click on the GET PIN button.

Mobile PIN: The person will get the Pin number on the same mobile number with which you registered and then click on ÒI agree to the above declaration Ò

Activate Email link: An email link will be sent to the given e-mail id which is to be activated to enable the submission of an application for online registration of Establishment.

Reference: section 2 of contract labour act



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