What is the procedure to rent house in Mhada ?


The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority The state government has decided to amend its policy and allow Mhada owners to rent out their houses by making a leave and license agreement. Known as MHADA has made scheme that give or allot residence of maharashtra which gives them access to affordable residential property. These schemes are a great way tu reduce the cast of becoming a homeowner in mumbai and maharashtra. Divyanka newly developed and hence mein offer better amenities then the other apartments.

You cannot rent a sell your property in mhada society if the society haven’t completed 10 years of construction. You are eligible to rent a sell your property without any complication just like how you do another society. You can rent the apartment and the only thing you need for renting the flat in mhada colony all society is that you have to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the MHADA society, you just have to write an application and the application will be granted to put your flat on rent.

It is official now that while you want to rent your apartment you do not have to see permission of the Mhada. You just need to have one agreement between the owner and the tenant of 11 months. There is no restrictions that you cannot rent on sell your apartment in mhada society.

Reference: Landlord and Tenant Act
The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) Act,1976



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