What is the procedure to remove sister’s name from mutation extract 7/12?


Because the sister has agreed to have her name removed from the mutation extract, you will need to obtain a no objection certificate from the sister, who is also a legal heir. You can obtain a no objection certificate from her as a legal heir, and then you will have to file an application with the Tehsildar to have her name removed.

An NOC is a statement that there will be no legal issues if the transaction goes through. The sister will simply announce her desire to rent/sell your land and then go on to describe the property in detail.

However, a NOC certificate is only valid for 6 months after which it will expire, after which you may renew it at the tahsildar office, but you do not need a NOC to give a property provided you have all the necessary documentation to show ownership.

If a property is being transferred from a sister to a brother, you can get a relinquishment document in which the sister relinquishes her property rights to the brother as a legal successor.

Reference:  – – AHG158 – 202100581 – 80 – 76 – 2021001292021004314473


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