What is the procedure to file complaint when Job Consultancy did fraud and took money?


It is clear case of cheating. The company has cheated you by demanding 1000 and 500 for the job. no company asks for the payment for taking in the payroll and fo rthe training. The company takes the responsibility to make you learn. First and foremost you should lodge a complaint at your nearest police station. The police station which is expert in dealing such crimes. You can either submit the complaint through email or letter. if the address of the company is known to you then you can move legally too. Send Legal Notice to the Job consultancy. The legal notice will hamper the confidence of certain fraudsters and they will start panicking and provide you all the money they have taken. You can engage any experienced advocate or lawyer to draft & send this legal notice to the company or you can use Voxya’s team of experienced lawyers who draft and send a professional legal notice via registered post.

File a case in Consumer Forum. If you have not heard back from the employment company after sending Legal Notice then you should approach Consumer Court

There are many fake job consultancy present on the Internet. They track your history and call you by telling you that they have a job offer in your respective field. They make false promises about your chances of employment and how you will get a job by paying a certain amount.

Reference: indian penal code sction 420



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