What is the procedure to correct father’s name in CBSE certificate?


As the inquirer wishes to get the fathers name corrected in the documents of the 10th and 12th, he would have to visit the school where he had pursued the same and have to directly contact the Prinicpal regarding the issue and the mistake to be rectified. An application form will be provided which they have to mention the name correction and need to pay the specifed fee/ rates based on the ones quoted and the request would be forwarded to the main board and the new certificate would be issued with the fathers correct name in both 10th and 12th grade.

One can get the name of the father rectified in the CBSE Board in the following manner:

1) Collect application form:
An application form can be taken from the official website of the board in this case be cbse.nic.in, regarding the name correction of the fathers name. One can also obtain from the admission department of their respective schools.

2) Filling up the application form
All the details must be mentioned accurately and it shall be ensured that no errors has been made and all the instructions must be followed upon carefully.

3) Required Document
Following documents are needed to be submitted along with the form for name correction:
– School leaving certificate of the previous school which is submitted by the parents at the time of admission.
– A portion of the page of admission and withdrawal register of the school where the entry has been made with respect to the candidate.

4) Fees Amount
In order to process the name correction application, students need to deposit a certain fee amount. The fees charges depends upon the name that is being corrected

After completing the process, the board will make the necessary corrections once the verification of the original records of the school is done”

Reference:  – – AHG21 – 202100585 – 11 – 2 – 202100112202100246762


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