What is the procedure to convert panchayat approved land to DTCP/CMDA?


“You can get the approval from DTCP by filing an application for conversion of approval by the DTCP and paying the differential developmental fee. Therefore , you may sell the same. Until approval is obtained, your sale agreement will remain conditional.
It was stated that the approval from the panchayat is pending in the High court of Chennai. Further, the case has been posted for hearing on November sixteenth. You have to wait for the judgment and even if the land is allowed to be regularized one has to pay the required OSR charges to the village panchayat. There seems to be an additional version that land or property bought before 2011 will be allowed to be registered and is subject to certain conditions and to know those rules, you have to wait for the judgment.

Directorate of Town & Country Planning (DTCP) is a central authority in Mysore. The agency plans and affords technical guide for different authorities our bodies with appreciate to the improvement of cities, cities and villages.

DTCP conducts surveys both physical and socio-economical. It is further liable for creating master plans for the improvement and development of cities, cities, and villages and acquiring approval from the national authorities for the same.

The real estate boom began recently and the real estate prices in Mysore have risen magnificently. As a result, the returns have been exceedingly good for the investors. The demand for MUDA sites has increased. As a result, the affordability has increased for a beginner real estate investor. This led people with less financial stance to look for budget-friendly options. Some of them are DTCP approved plots on the outskirts of the city

This cost-effective investment option may look profitable for the uninitiated, but it is to be noted how there are untrusting people in the real estate. They take advantage of this scenario and sell off properties that are not approved by DTCP. Without approval, it cannot be legally claimed by any individual. this way, the buyer might face prosecution legally under various circumstances.

Reference: KTCP act of 1961 – – AHG123 – 202100580 – 60 – 61 – 2021001352021004311574


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