What is the procedure to change name in the CBSE marksheet as per the CBSE guidelines?


Students should follow the simple steps mentioned to get their name corrected in the CBSE marksheet.

1) Get the Application Form:
First of all, students need to take the application form. They can either download the form from the official website or from the link mentioned below and take its print. Also, they can collect the form from the admission department of their respective school.

2) Fill up the Application Form
Students have to fill up the application form correctly by giving all the details. To avoid any type of error, they must read the instructions carefully before filling up the details in the form.

3) Document Submission
Students need to submit some documents for the name correction process. These documents include:

School leaving certificate of the previous school which is submitted by the parents at the time of admission.
A portion of the page of admission and withdrawal register of the school where the entry has been made with respect to the candidate.
4) Fees Submission
Students have to pay the fees in order to get the corrections done. The fees vary depending upon the name that is being corrected, that is if it is the studentÕs or studentÕs parents. Given below is the breakup of the fees.

Fees for name correction in Marksheet/Certificate Ð Rs.1000 (Fees of marksheet/certificate included).
Fee for Change in CandidateÕs MotherÕs Name/FatherÕs Name/GuardianÕs Name Ð Rs.1000 + Actual Cost of the Document
After completing all these processes, the board will make the necessary corrections once the verification of the original records of the school is done.

Reference: CBSE Rules and Guidelines



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