What is the procedure to change caste in leaving certificate?


“You must petition to the appropriate education board to have the inaccuracy in the school leaving certificate corrected based on documents proving that the entry is incorrect.”

Obtain an affidavit from a court magistrate stating that you belong to the appropriate caste and that all of your educational and other certifications must be updated.

Apply to the educational authorities, based on the affidavit, to have all of your educational credentials corrected.

The lack of caste from a high school diploma should not be a reason for alarm. If you have a valid caste certificate in your name, it would be enough. Although it is indicated on the school leaving certificate, it is not mandatory. Your caste certificate is used to verify a range of different things.

As a result, a separate caste certificate can be applied for.

The application form may be obtained by going to the local Tahsildar office.

After you’ve completed the application form, make sure you include all of the essential papers. Then, together with the required money, send the application and documentation. The applicant will be charged Rs. 5/-as a registration fee. Therefore, the applicant will be notified to obtain the caste certificate within the specified time.

Reference: Maharashtra Act No. XXIII of 2001 – – AHG292 – 202100581 – 156 – 182- 202100324-20210024-7038


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