What is the procedure to change biological father’s name from documents?


You can change the name of your biological father’s name only by the way of deed of adoption. As per rules of Central Adoption and Regulation Authority (CARA), a step parent can adopt the step child. CARA is a central government body which monitors and regulates all adoptions in the country.

The couple including one of the biological parents will have to register with Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System. You would also need to file an application in a district court under whose jurisdiction you reside to obtain an adoption order. After a deed of adoption is granted by court, you can get it registered under Registration Act, 1908 at the office of Sub-registrar. Although it is not mandatory to get it registered but it is advisable.

Submit an application to make correction in the Birth Certificate along with Form 1-A to the Birth Registrar in your place. Birth Registrar will make required correction as per the court order and provide you the new Birth Certificate. After that, you will become the adopted son of your stepfather and can use his last name and can inherit his properties just like a natural born son. The age criteria for prospective adoptive parents have also been waived off. Adoptions under Hindu law are governed by the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1965 which has several restrictions.

Reference: Rules of Central Adoption and Regulations Authority



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