What is the procedure of marrying a Malaysian girl in India, will she be allowed to work in India?


A Malaysian girl can marry an Indian male, but first she must obtain a certificate of marital status from her own country, after which she can marry an Indian boy.

You can marry her in accordance with the Special Marriage Act (SMA), which requires that the marriage be registered.

There is a 30-day residency requirement to marry a foreigner in India, which implies that either the bride or the groom must have lived in India for at least 30 days before applying to the local registry office to get married.

For foreigners, a certificate from the local police station, or a copy of C Form or FRRO Registration document, as appropriate, is required.

You must notify the registrar of marriages (in your Jurisdiction District) of your plan to marry, together with the residence certificate (i.e. proof of residency), certified copies of your passports and birth certificates, two passport-sized photographs, and a few affidavits each.

A civil ceremony at the registrar office can be held if no objections to the marriage are received within 30 days after the application.

Three witnesses are required, each of whom must give passport-sized pictures, as well as confirmation of identity and residency.

A few weeks after the ceremony, the marriage certificate is normally issued.

All she has to do now is arrive with her original certificates on a Tourist Visa and change it to a “X” Visa when the marriage is registered.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has revised the protocol and is no longer accepting direct applications for Tourist visa extensions and conversions as of September 2012.

Instead, she must apply to her local FRRO/FRO, which must make a recommendation and transmit it to the MHA in Delhi for approval if the matter is outside its delegated responsibilities, as per Section 1.

Reference: Special Marriage Act, 1954

A foreigner who lives and works in India can get married to an Indian citizen.

Under the Special Marriage Act of 1954, it is clearly stated that at least one of the potential couple must have stayed in India for a period of 30days before applying to get married.



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