What is the procedure for sale of inam land?


Inamdar was a feudal title prevalent before and during British Raj, including during the Maratha rule of Peshwa and other rulers of India. The title was bestowed upon to the person who received lands as Inam (grant or as gift), rewarding the extraordinary service rendered to the ruler or the princely state.

After the independence of India, several acts were enacted in different regions to abolish rights of Inmadar and as such the Inam lands they received in grant Those who are allotted inam land should seek permission of the special deputy commissioner for sale. Since the Inam land is allotted for occupancy or tenancy rights only, the inamdar cannot alienate the proeprty by sale without the permission of the Commissioner of the land revenue. If this violated then the sale be rendered as invalid if it is brought to the notice of the competent authority/revenue department.

Inam abolition act applies to all kinds of land mentioned in the query, personal, permanent and temple trust. Once it is decided by court about inamdar right but those who were aggreeived can filed case in court of law for getting justice. Inam lands do not fall in the ambit of 7/12 and 8A extracts. Records of inam lands is kept in a document called Inam Fair register.

Reference: Inam Abolition Act, 1956



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