What is the procedure for name change for CBSE documents?

Name change in the CBSE documents are required.


As per your query, it is not compulsory to change your name after marriage. Even if you submit your old marksheets in your old name, it will still be accepted in any job or university if you provide your marriage certificate with it. However, if you still wish to change it, you must follow the following procedure:

Follow the below given steps for changing your own name.

Step 1 Ð Affidavit: Go to you local Notary and make an affidavit regarding change of your name. You have to mention therein your specific reason for changing your name and attach you marriage certificate as well.

Step 2 -Ð Newspaper Publication: You can choose any 2 local newspapers for publishing it. (No need for FrontPage coverage). Although you need only once copy but its better to get ten copies of that newspaper in which your statement is published and preserve it carefully, because itÕs now a lifetime issue. ItÕs better to preserve both the hard and scanned copies of the newspaper.

Step 3 – Gazette Notification
Now for getting your name published in the Official Gazette of your state. You need to send the following documents to the Secretary, Department of Commerce & Transport (Commerce), of your state.
1. Letter to the Secretary, requesting him to allow you to change your name.
2. The ÒDeed Changing Surname FormÓ
3. 2 True copies of the newspapers in which your name change statement is published.
4. Attested copy of the Name Change Affidavit.
5. A print out of the statement in plain paper that you need to publish in your official Gazette. (Generally Same as your Newspaper Statement)
6. A Copy of your current identity like your Voter Identity Card, PAN Card, Birth Certificate, School or College Certificates and etc.

After this, your name will be changed and to change in other documents like the CBSE marksheet, the certificate of name change along with newspaper advertisements and affidavit may be submitted to CBSE for processing it faster and they will issue a duplicate marksheet and passing certificate.

Reference: Part-IV
Official Gazette of India

Advertisements and Notices issued by the Private Individuals and Private Bodies.



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