What is the office policy ,when drinking alcohol in office premises legal or illegal?


There must be some written policy about alcohol that employees should not consume the liquor in work hours. Consumption of liquor during work hours is generally viewed as unacceptable conduct. … In the Industrial Employment(Standing Orders) Act,1946 model standing orders, consumption of liquor in the workplace is mentioned as a misconduct that would invite disciplinary action.your workplace will have their own policy on the consumption of alcohol. …

Drinking too much will cause you to lose focus on the job at hand and, in some circumstances, cause an accident and put others at risk.The office worker who arrives at work smelling of liquor is another matter altogether he is not endangering life or limb by sitting at his desk and working albeit not at peak efficiency.

So an alcohol policy can discriminate fairly between the rules for one class of employee and another class of employee.Article 47 of the Constitution of India states that ÒThe state shall endeavour to bring about prohibition of the consumption except for medicinal purposes of intoxicating drinks and drugs which are injurious to health.ÓPunishment can be consuming alcohol at public places may attract the offender a fine of Rs. 5,000, and if he creates a nuisance, then the fine may hike up to _10,000 with a jail term of three months.

Reference: Article 47 , Industrial Employment(Standing Orders) Act,1946



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