What is the meaning of station bail from police station?


“Section 2(a) of the Code of Criminal Procedure defines bailable offences because the offences that have been stated withinside the First Schedule as bailable, or that have been made to be bailable with the aid of using some other regulation that’s on the time in force.

The First Schedule of the Code of Criminal Procedure is split into parts; the primary element consists of offences given beneathneath the Indian Penal Code and the second one 1/2 of offers with the offences prescribed beneathneath different legislations.

According to the First Schedule, the requirement for an offence to be bailable is that the stated offence ought to be punishable with imprisonment for a length of much less than 3 years or with quality only.

Some of the bailable offences beneathneath the Indian Penal Code are bribery beneathneath Section 171E, easy harm beneathneath Section 337, demise with the aid of using rash or negligent act beneathneath Section 304A, public nuisance beneathneath Section 290.

According to Section 50 of Code of Criminal Procedure, whilst someone is arrested with out a warrant, it’s far the police officer’s duty to intimate all of the information of the offence to the man or woman for which she or he is being arrested for.

The police officer additionally has to tell if the offence is bailable, and that the man or woman is entitled to be launched on bail after price of surety.

Station bail simply manner which you had been arrested for a bailable offence and the police granted you bail.

If the offence could had been non-bailable, you’ll have now no longer been capable of acquire station bail as for granting bail for non-bailable offences is on the discretion of the court.”

Reference: Section 2(a), 50, First Schedule of the Code of Criminal Procedure – – AHG191 – 202100553 – 102 – 130 – 202100314-20210042-4431


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