What is the meaning of pre admission?


It literraly means that your case is still not admitted to be heard in the court. It means the petition/appeal is still at office level – waiting for some more details or information that office requested like some notarized documents or affidavits or vakalatma etc.Pending (Pre admission) : the registrar of the court may not have passed your PIL for admission in the court. ..

. Contact the Registrar (Judiciary) of the court and know the reasons of such delay and upon knowing the reasons, comply with the same and get the PIL admitted. The court will do the neceeary scruitiny o fhe case if any defects found court will ask to omit the same. A registered case is placed before the Court for its hearing where the primary hearing takes place.

In this the Court considers whether the case should be proceeded with by directing the respondents to show cause why the petition should not be admitted. In sometimes the Court admits a case without hearing the respondents, or dismisses the case.

The admitted is listed for a more detailed hearing. In your case you must seek a good lawyers opinion and move forward. A Lawyer can help you to make you understand this process and manage the court proceeding and expediate with registrar.

Reference: public interest litigation 1976, article 32, 226 Constitution of India or section 133 Code of criminal conduct



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