what is the meaning of notice for admission in the cases status of the High court?

what is the meaning notice regarding admission on the case status of the High court?


A registered case is placed before the Court for its hearing, known as the preliminary hearing. In Preliminary hearing the Court considers whether the case should be proceeded with by directing the respondents to show cause why the petition should not be admitted. In sometimes the Court admits a case without hearing the respondents, or dismisses the case in limine

The admitted is listed for a more detailed hearing. Limine means a motion made at the start of a trial requesting that the judge rule that certain evidence may not be introduced in trial. This is most common in criminal trials where evidence is subject to constitutional limitations, such as statements made without the Miranda wa A formal notice to participants in litigation of an intent to seek specific relief in an action. … Similarly, the person who is targeted by the notice of motion may be called the Respondent.

Admission of the case means that the ccourt will hear ther matter for the first time and if required then a counter ewill be filed by the respondent and if need be the court can pronounce an order on the same as well based on the facts and circumstances of the case .




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