What is the meaning of Judgement Type- Final Non AFR?


The Acronym AFR as mentioned by you stands for Approved for Reporting which means that the order judgement is of some important nature which is required to be reported in some journal. Judgment Type which is Interlocutory Non AFR means that the case was taken up on the date of listing and some order was passed which was not final in nature which therefore refers that the case will be taken up on the next date of listing for further arguments.

However, in youÕre the Judgment Type which is Final Non AFR meaning Final but Non Approved for Reporting means that your case has been decided, however, the final reporting for the judgement has not been approved for reporting. If you wish to understand the judgement passed in your case, you must go through Chapter XXVII of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 which deals with Judgement given by Court in criminal cases.

Section 353 of the Code of Criminal Procedures covers process of delivery of Judgement by Court in detail and its subsection (1) states that The judgment in every trial in any Criminal Court of original jurisdiction shall be pronounced in open Court by the presiding officer immediately after the termination of the trial or at some subsequent time of which notice shall be given to the parties or their pleaders. Language and Content of the Judgement is covered by Section 354 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.




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