What is the meaning of “disposal uncontested dismissed” and “not pressed”?


Disposal uncontested dismissal’ means the case has been decided and over without the oppositing party contesting to oppose the ruling or judgement that took place in the mentioned case. The meaning of not pressed is that the plaintiff /petitioner/applicant does not want to press the case or not pressed means the party who was pursuing the case/matter is not persuing it further to take any such action in the case i.e to decide the case. Disposed of as not pressed means your Counsel had admitted some part or the whole as the case may be according to the terms of the judgment that the relief sought in prayer is not pressed before Court and the Court disposed off the case as not pressed or the relief sought is not pressed and the case is disposed off. Dispose off means differently in different cases.

Disposed off as not pressed means case decided as complainent took back his case, deciding to withdraw. Disposed off means that the case has come to an end, uncontested means that the case has not been contested by your opposition in the Court battle and dismissed means since the plaintiff failed to prove the case in his favour his suit/case is dismissed.




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