What is the legal procedure to remove father’s name from all documents?


As you want to remove you father name from your every documents, so you should filled declaration suit before the civil court, and so you can declare in suit that you dont want to keep your relation with your parents and you want to remove your father name from your all documents.

Suit for declaration is the most common and effective types of civil suits filed .

It seeks the relief of declaration and injunction on the basis of the declaration of the court.

Suit for declaration is a declaration from the court on any issue by way of a decree of the court.

There are no laws as suvh which allow you to remove your father’s name from all documents but you can file a suit for declaration declaring that you no more wants to use your father’s name or want to remve the name from allthe documnets you have.

If you also want to break relations from your father there is no legal procedue for that , if you want you can publish it in the news paper amd stop staying with your father and severe all your ties with him.

Filing a declaratory suit can be your option for removing name of your father from all your documents.

Reference: Chapter VI of the Specific Relief Act 1963 provides for Declaratory Decrees under Section 34 of the Act and is the present law which governs declaratory reliefs in India.



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